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    Do you think Joe Biden has ever texted Obama a meme

    Hillary once said in an interview that they were in a group message and they were sending ‘funny pictures’ and she just would say ‘get back to work’

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    • 1: What are you wearing?
    • 2: Ever been in love?
    • 3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
    • 4: How tall are you?
    • 5: How much do you weigh?
    • 6: Any tattoos do you want?
    • 7: Any piercings that you want?
    • 8: OTP?
    • 9: Favorite Show?
    • 10: Favorite bands?
    • 11: Something you miss?
    • 12: Favorite song?
    • 13: How old are you?
    • 14: Zodiac sign?
    • 15: Hair Color?
    • 16: Favorite Quote?
    • 17: Favorite singer?
    • 18: Favorite color?
    • 19: Loud music or soft?
    • 20: Where do you go when you're sad?
    • 21: How long does it take you to shower?
    • 22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
    • 23: Ever been in a physical fight?
    • 24: Turn on?
    • 25: Turn off?
    • 26: The reason I joined Tumblr?
    • 27: Fears?
    • 28: Last thing that made you cry?
    • 29: Last time you cried?
    • 30: Meaning behind your url
    • 31: Last book you read?
    • 32: Last song you listened to?
    • 33: Last show you watched?
    • 34: Last person you talked to?
    • 35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
    • 36: Favorite food?
    • 37: Place you want to visit?
    • 38: Last place you were?
    • 39: Do you have a crush?
    • 40: Last time you kissed someone?
    • 41: Last time you were insulted and what was it?
    • 42: What color underwear are you wearing?
    • 43: What color shirt are you wearing?
    • 44: What color bottoms are you wearing?
    • 45: Wearing any bracelets?
    • 46: Last sport you played?
    • 47: Last song you sang?
    • 48: Last prank call you remember doing?
    • 49: Last time you hung out with anyone?
    • 50: Favorite movie?
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    well would ya look at that


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  • "

    you don’t know how to love me with words, you say,
    hands shivering slightly while they skim like startled birds
    over the plains of my hipbones

    you say you are unedited novel, broken spine, bad nightmares,
    that if i’m not careful i’ll be sucked into the silence where
    it’s so cold i forget how to inhale

    but you do know how to kiss me like i’m your anchor
    and how to make beds feel like castles and
    when to bring me hot chocolate even if i didn’t ask for it and
    you let me marathon disney movies and make cookies
    even if it’s two in the morning and when you laugh about something
    it makes my heart race and i just want to sit in sunbeams with you
    and eat bagels and discuss ethics and read books to each other until we both fall asleep

    so quiet though your love may be
    my dear
    your quiet love is
    the only one
    for me.

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    These stunning photographs, which look like a glorious late evening sky with dashes of pink and purple, are actually pictures of Japan’s largest wisteria (or wistaria, depending on whom you ask) plant.

    This plant, located in Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan, is certainly not the largest in the world, but it still comes in at an impressive 1,990 square meters (or half an acre) and dates back to around 1870 (the largest, at about 4,000 square meters, is the wisteria vine in Sierra Madre, California). Although wisterias can look like trees, they’re actually vines. Because its vines have the potential to get very heavy, this plant’s entire structure is held up on steel supports, allowing visitors to walk below its canopy and bask in the pink and purple light cast by its beautiful hanging blossoms.

    Image credits: Takao Tsushima

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  • I’m a little bit cold but overall very calm and happy with my friends and my life here

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    autumn reflections by david clapp in england’s lake district national park; maurizio biancarelli of proscansko lake in croatia’s plitvice national park; and agustin rafael reyes of onuma pond in japan’s towada hachimantai national park

    My sister and I call reflections of nature in water “kisses”

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  • for nights when you can’t sleep; when words can’t explain why your chest hurts or why the world is quieter with the lights off. [listen]

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    Two of my friends Alisha and Cory got married last week, and I came across this picture on my facebook feed. Granted I might not be their closest friend, and I really only rely on facebook to keep up with them, but this picture just hit me. Look at her, standing there like a princess, and him, one of the happiest guys I know, weak, weak in the face of love. Love like this is something I wish upon everyone, and I hope they live a wonderful lifetime together. 

    awwwww crying

    If i ever get married i want the guy to react like this when i walk down the aisle




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